Our Future

Our wide network of connections assures you complete security for any and every inter-modal transport. Our expertise in handling merchandise covers a plethora of industries including: industrial, electronics, pharmaceutical, food items and even automotive.

Ours carriers are DoD approved for Freight All Kinds (FAK), as well as an approved airfreight carrier for the DOS, both domestic and international.

Arranging truckload transportation is critical to the economic health of North America. It characterizes the bulk of the domestic transportation market. Just about everything you use or consume has journeyed on a truck at some point, and AFF is always there to make sure shippers can find the truck they need, when they need it.

We understand that when you ask for a quote, you want it immediately. This is why we provide you with quotes as quickly as we can for you in an extremely timely fashion, be it via phone, emails or our website.

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